The Web Developer's Job

Through this course, you will understand the different facets of the Web Developer profession πŸ€“ and if it's right for you 🫡!

Understanding to Become a Digital Artisan

We shape our tools, and thereafter, our tools shape us.

Marshall McLuhan portrait
Marshall McLuhanPhilosopher

The technology of the internet has long surpassed the stage of merely connecting machines ⛬.

In just a few decades, this tool has become a true virtual universe where we now spend more and more of our time and attention πŸ‘€.

This virtual universe is gaining ground over our physical world. And nothing seems to stop this progression, quite the contrary πŸš€.

The quintessential medium at the intersection of these two worlds is undoubtedly the smartphone πŸ“±.
In its own way, it has also surpassed the stage of being a tool to become a sort of extension of the hand 🀳, so commonplace has its use become.

Of course, we will not discuss the ethical issues πŸ™ˆ this may pose since that is not the subject of this course.
But we can only observe the acceleration of this virtual universe πŸ“ˆ in our daily use.

A question arises ⁉️

Who are those responsible for this virtual universe, shaping it into an ever more immersive experience, and do you want to be part of these Digital Craftsmen?

Virtual Architects
In Inception (2010), architects are trained to create alternative realities in a dreamlike universe.
Train yourself to be an architect of a completely different universe, the Web!

You undoubtedly know the answer. It's the engineers and, in particular, the Developers.

If you also want to better understand how this universe works and become a craftsman of this virtual world, this introductory course to the Developer profession is for you 🫡!