The Basics of Web Development

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Understand The Basics of Web Development

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MorpheusMatrix Reloaded (2003)

In the movie Matrix, a virtual universe is represented by a series of characters called 'Matrix Code' that only certain characters can understand and even manipulate to their advantage to interact, modify, or create new programs in this virtual world.

Matrix code
Matrix Code (The Matrix, 1999)

Smith, The Merovingian, and even Neo are characters in the Matrix movie who have a deep understanding of this Virtual Universe and can, in a certain way, modify it as they please.

Similarly, the world of the Web has its own language. This course will enable you to understand, master, and manipulate it, making you an architect of this Digital Universe!

Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure 100% to explore and understand the language that governs the Web Universe?

Matrix pills
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